sayward axvig


I have been photographing for over ten years, for weddings, events, newspapers, magazines, families, babies, you name it and I might have photographed it. I solidified my love for photography while attending Minnesota State University Moorhead for Photojournalism.  I tried going the newspaper route, but I wanted to photograph for long lasting memories and not headlines. 


I am a wife, mother, friend and photographer.  My little boy has changed my life so completely, being a mother does define me and who I am.  It drives me to record memories even more-so, how quickly things change in months.  How the jibber jabbers change into "hi" or "okay" and "no". I want to remind you how young your little ones were, how fun your wedding was and how beautiful your life is.

for fun

I enjoy cooking - this surprised me too.  I like creating something different and crossing my fingers that it works out.  I've ran 3 half marathons, I only really enjoyed the first one.  Crocheting is a favorite past time, I am hoping to macrame soon as well. 


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