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I have been photographing for over ten years; weddings, events, newspapers, magazines, families, babies, you name it and I might have photographed it. I solidified my love for photography while attending Minnesota State University Moorhead for Photojournalism.  I went the newspaper photography route, but I wanted to photograph long lasting memories and not headlines. 



I am a wife, mother, adoptive mother, friend and photographer.  My little boy has changed my life so completely, being a mother does define me and who I am.  It drives me to record memories even more-so, how quickly things change in just months.  How the jibber jabbers change into "hi" or "okay" and "no". I want to remind you how young your little ones were, how fun your wedding was and how beautiful your life is.

Doing foster care has been very important to me, rewarding and difficult.  We can't always share the photos we take, but we make sure to share them with our children and give them memories for the keeping... but now we have a beautiful, teenage adoptive daughter that I can share.

for fun

I enjoy cooking - this surprised me too.  I like creating something different and crossing my fingers that it works out.  I've ran 3 half marathons, and only really enjoyed the first one.  Crocheting is a favorite past time, I am hoping to macrame soon as well. I turned a past time, yoga, into more than that in 2022 by becoming a yoga teacher! 

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